I am a recent MA graduate from Concordia’s Anthropology program, arriving in Montreal via Toronto, Kelowna, BC and Victoria, BC. I am cultural anthropologist specializing in the anthropology of dance and performance, and my MA thesis “Let the rhythm speak to you. We dance for liberation”: Bodies and Belonging in a Haitian Dance Troupe in Montreal is a story of racial politics, senses of belonging, embodiment, and space and sociality in Haitian Danse Folklorique practice. Currently, I am a prospective PhD student of the Interdisciplinary PhD (HUMA) program proposing to study ecological theatre; the implication of embodied narratives of fantastical species, relationships, and futures in relation to environmental crises; and the potential of performing human-ecological relations as companion species embedded in reciprocal matters of care. At this moment I am primarily interested in creating, running, and participating in lab workshop series, as well as nurturing a lively space of collaborative interdisciplinarity among the professors and students of the EthnoLab and Speculative Life Cluster.

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