Dr. KreggHetherington is a political anthropologist specialized in environment,infrastructure and the bureaucratic state.

He haswritten extensively about how small farmers caught in a sweeping agrariantransition in Paraguay have experienced that country’s halting transition todemocracy, showing how activists create new ways of thinking and practicinggovernment. His book, Guerrilla Auditors, is an ethnography of peasant landstruggles in Paraguay, and of how rural thinking about property and informationcome into conflict with bureaucratic reform projects promoted by internationalexperts.

He iscurrently leading two research projects. The first, the Government of Beans, focuses on regulation in the soybean boomin Latin America’s southern cone is transforming the relationship betweenstates, plants, people and territory. The second, Montreal Waterways, is a collaborate ethnography of Montreal’srelationship with water as a defining feature of its environment andinfrastructure.

Kregg is director of the Concordia Ethnography Lab, where he leads a research group onInfrastructure and Environment. He supervises graduate students working in a wide range of areas, including environment and food, social movements,infrastructure studies and the ethnography of the state. He is currently recruiting students who are interested in becoming involved in the Montreal Waterways project.

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