Paula Bath is a Ph.D. student in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Concordia University. After learning American Sign Language (ASL) at the age of sixteen, Paula went on to study translation, discourse analysis, organizational communications, and cultural representation and to obtain a B.A. and M.A. in Communications from the University of Ottawa. Paula worked for 17 years as an interpreter, later specializing in developing translation quality standards with the federal government and most recently worked as a Senior Policy Analyst at the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission. At Concordia, Paula’s research focuses on federal communications policy and her ethnographic work is both situated and dialogical. Paula brings together images and texts to explore moments when dominant social ideas, beliefs and social structures are lived, felt and discussed by people. Paula is thrilled to live and work in the spaces of sign and spoken languages – ASL, langue de signes québécoise, English and French. Paula is also a proud founding member of, an Artist Center for Creation and Production in Sign Language in Canada where Paula works to bring people into communication though the organizations three main artistic activities: Creation, Collaborative Production, and Research-Creation.

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