META – Building Group

We propose our projects to each other, then we help each other design and build them. Enthusiasm is the only requirement.

Our goals:

  • Build fellowship and collegiality.
  • Build research-creation projects that require larger or more robust structures than can be produced solely by available 3-D printing or CNC technology.
  • Build a knowledge of craft skills that can inform critical research projects into our relationship with communities of craft, materials, and tools.
  • Build a knowledge of accessible, affordable, and sustainable sources of raw materials for our projects.
  • To promote the use of ‘glitter’ as a significant medium of expression, critical discourse regarding glitter, and in doing so, foster a respect for neglected artisans and their work, regardless of medium, method, or public disdain.
  • Following Martha Nussbaum’s work on the ethics of capabilities, to include and expand the depth and scope of the capabilities of all those who are implicated in our building.


  • Adam Van Sertima


  • Aurelia Roman
  • Brieanne Lebel
  • Carolina Cambre (Faculty),
Membership is always open.