Podcast: Best,Concordia

Best, C. Podcast is a student-run project initiated in March 2017 by graduate students Anne-Marie Turcotte, John Bryans and Kris Millett, all members of Concordia’s Ethnography Lab and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. The aims of this project at the outset were threefold: to find a creative use for the EthnoLab’s space, promote graduate student research in the department, and address issues and themes pertaining to student life such as coping with stress and thriving as individuals. However, it has now transformed into a more far reaching project that seeks to foster a strong sense of community among interdisciplinary graduate students, sometimes isolated in their respective programs.

While Best, C. offers a fun, accessible platform for the diffusion of student research via an informal interview format, it also turns the lens back on the people behind the research and the atypical journeys taken that renders them singular and captivating. Aiming at stimulating self-reflection among student researchers, this podcast should be apprehended as a journey where our host gradually broadens his interviews with his guests from questions about their research to their personal experiences in order to better understand what led them to their current program of studies and specific area of research interest.

This first season of the podcast will serve as an introduction to the researchers and their stories, as listeners learn about this world alongside host, Johnny Bee (John Bryans). Our second season (release date: Fall 2017) will revisit the researchers and update their progress, giving the audience the opportunity to follow along as their narratives unfold. Throughout, the podcast will feature a musical soundtrack created and performed by students.

Wanting to appeal to a wider audience than academia, the podcast is intended for any listeners who might be interested in the backstage workings of academia. Best, C. producers invite their auditors to engage with us via multiple social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. The podcast will be available for download on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Anne-Marie Turcotte

Creative Producer

John Bryans

Podcast Host

Kris Millett

Sound Producer