The Phenomenology of Smoke

by John Neufeld

Smoke filled skies on the path to the field brought with it a mixed bag of emotion, stirring up reflections that have served as a prelude to my fieldwork in Alberta. When wildfire smoke becomes part of everyday sensory experience how does it shape the individual or collective emotionality and meaning related to climate change, ecological grief, or denial? Read more

Abolissons les tropiques: An Ethnography of Absent Sensoria

By Melina Campos Ortiz

In February 2020, I was invited to join a team studying snow at the Concordia Ethnography Lab. Less than a month later, COVID-19 kicked in, and I had to start my studies not in Montreal but San José, Costa Rica, where I was born and raised. Snow is profoundly alien to me. How am I supposed to understand or explain it if I cannot engage in its sensation? Read more

Growing Up and Growing Old in Venezuela

By Andrea Caroni Schweitzer Gil

A collaboration between a grandfather and his granddaughter during a short visit becomes a way to work through the feelings of longing sparked by experiences of growing up and growing old while being apart from one’s loved ones. Read more

Animal Crossing: Exploring a Video Game’s Realm During a Pandemic

By Hanine El Mir

Now more than ever, socio-cultural relations are being nurtured on screens; in-person gatherings are being replaced with video calls. The aim of this exploration is to take a walk around how life-simulation video games fit into the lockdown. Read more

The Forms of Ice Skating / Me siento en casa

By Ariana Seferiades

When I arrived in Montreal a friend told me I should find an outdoor activity if I wanted to survive. She looked serious. Going to an ice rink became my mode of survival in a new landscape. To face winter’s interiority I offered my own, by replacing my four wheels for a blade. Read more

Intro to the EthnoBlab: Homage to an Ethnographic Table

By Kregg Hetherington

Ethnography is world-making and labs are where we experiment world-making methods. Covid-19 challenges us to rethink the infrastructure of these methods. Read more