Abolissons les tropiques: An Ethnography of Absent Sensoria

By Melina Campos Ortiz

In February 2020, I was invited to join a team studying snow at the Concordia Ethnography Lab. Less than a month later, COVID-19 kicked in, and I had to start my studies not in Montreal but San José, Costa Rica, where I was born and raised. Snow is profoundly alien to me. How am I supposed to understand or explain it if I cannot engage in its sensation? Read more

Growing Up and Growing Old in Venezuela

By Andrea Caroni Schweitzer Gil

A collaboration between a grandfather and his granddaughter during a short visit becomes a way to work through the feelings of longing sparked by experiences of growing up and growing old while being apart from one’s loved ones. Read more

Animal Crossing: Exploring a Video Game’s Realm During a Pandemic

By Hanine El Mir

Now more than ever, socio-cultural relations are being nurtured on screens; in-person gatherings are being replaced with video calls. The aim of this exploration is to take a walk around how life-simulation video games fit into the lockdown. Read more

The Forms of Ice Skating / Me siento en casa

By Ariana Seferiades

When I arrived in Montreal a friend told me I should find an outdoor activity if I wanted to survive. She looked serious. Going to an ice rink became my mode of survival in a new landscape. To face winter’s interiority I offered my own, by replacing my four wheels for a blade. Read more

Intro to the EthnoBlab: Homage to an Ethnographic Table

By Kregg Hetherington

Ethnography is world-making and labs are where we experiment world-making methods. Covid-19 challenges us to rethink the infrastructure of these methods. Read more